About Our Blog

Perhaps you are the parent of an Isaac Newton student. Grab a cup of coffee and give yourself a brief recess to read more about the big picture of Christian education. Or maybe you are considering sending a child to Isaac Newton…come on into our blog and learn more. And maybe… you don’t even live in Iowa but you are researching education options for your children and your search led you to this blog.  Pull up a chair and be encouraged and, hopefully, inspired by the Christian school option.

We invite you to be part of our conversation…we have basically one ground rule and that is…play nice.  Where we disagree, let’s treat each other respectfully. Education is a hotly debated topic! Let’s be an example of civil discourse to our young ones. Oh, and by the way…we have a lot of fun around here while we immerse ourselves in the cause of Christian education. Sometimes we poke fun at ourselves—we can endure your occasional eye roll.

Let’s dig in, study, share and learn…through The Christian Education Connection!

Kathryne Oates

Director of Community Relations & Development

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